Great Southern Flameless, LLC

Great Southern Flameless (GSF) is dedicated to providing the most advanced solutions available to meet end user's fired heater process and emissions goals.

Flameless combustion technology, also referred to as HITAC (or high temperature air combustion), is not a new technology. It is most often associated with the higher temperature processes of the steel and glass industry.

Applying flameless technology to direct fired refinery heaters is new and presents several unique design challenges. GSF has developed new and innovative technology that creates flameless combustion at flux rates and bridgewall temperatures common to refinery process heaters. GSF's new technology also meets the industry's stringent requirements for safety, reliability, operability, and maintainability.

This patented technology permits a wide range of operation (fuel type and turndown) and a wide selection of heater types. GSF now offers a conventional process heater design that can also be operated in flameless mode for extreme NOx reduction (3-8 ppm) without an SCR. Flameless heater technology improves efficiency (91% - LHV), increases run lengths, reduces fuel consumption and decreases CO2 greenhouse gases by 10-20%.

GSF is dedicated to leading the industry into the next generation of fired heaters. GSF will work with the end user to design and build new heaters or retrofit existing heaters to be safely operated in both conventional and flameless modes.

GSF now has the World's First Flameless Crude Heater in operation.

We invite you to inquire about Great Southern Flameless heaters for your upcoming heater needs.