Great Southern Group: Senior Staff and Experience

William C. Gibson - Director
Robert L. Gibson - Director
Andrew Craig - General Manager

From the field to the home office, Great Southern Group is a team of experienced fired heater professionals. GSG's knowledge and experience will serve end users to meet today's challenges.

Chemical Engineers and Process Designers
William C. Gibson, P.E. - 42 years
Robert L. Gibson - 28 years
Andrew Craig, P.E. - 18 years
Marianne Zimola, P.E. - 21 years
Peter Westervelt - 25 years

Operations Manager
Jerry Fashing - 29 years

Sr. Structural Engineer/Project Manager
Rick Taulman, P.E. - 18 years

Project Manager
Gary Shih, P.E. - 10 years

Derrik Totty - 10 years

Field Technician
Dale Teague - 19 years

Office Manager
Cindy Gildersleeve - 24 years