Great Southern Technologies, LLC

Great Southern Technologies (GST) is committed to working directly with refineries and petrochemical plants in the United States and Canada to supply new heaters and/or identify and recommend solutions to current heater performance problems.

GST provides the following services in the areas of Engineering, Sub-contract Fabrication, Proprietary Computer Modeling and Field Servicing:

Engineering- GST provides engineering services tailored to meet the client's needs. From Turn-Key Projects to a Phased Approach, GST will provide as much or as little engineering support as needed:

  • Field Testing, computer modeling, analysis report
  • Detailed engineering/design package (process, mechanical and structural)
  • GA and steel detail drawings
  • API data sheets and BOM

Sub-Contract Fabrication - GST provides quality sub-contract fabrication service:

  • Sub-contract Fabrication of the detailed design package including radiant section, convection section, coils, stack, ladders and platforms
  • Professional project management, purchasing, expediting and inspection
  • Field erection assistance

Proprietary Computer Modeling - GST's proprietary computer modeling makes it possible to analyze flue gas flow patterns and to minimize the longitudinal factor for both new and existing heaters:

  • Advanced tube-side modeling for all two-phase black oil heaters, including crude, vacuum and delayed coker heaters
  • Advanced fire-side modeling to evaluate and eliminate high tube skin temperatures and short run lengths

Field Service - GST offers highly skilled field service expertise to meet end user's needs.

  • Testing with GST portable analyzer equipment
  • Heater optimization and tune-up services
  • Operator training classes
  • 24-hour emergency response