Combustion Air Preheat Systems

Great Southern Technologies prides itself in designing and installing new air preheat systems as well as analysis and troubleshooting of existing units in order to best satisfy the client’s pre-heated combustion air needs for enhancement of the overall unit efficiency.

Great Southern Technologies provides engineering and field services with onsite testing of existing air preheat units that are incorporated within fired heater systems. Along with generating heater profiles from the field testing, GST also collects data for each operating component involved in the air preheat system. Data collected for each APH component aids in a thorough and accurate analysis of how the system is operating. Onsite testing with GST calibrated instrumentation gives us a competitive advantage over other heater companies. As other companies rely on information from the DCS and/or field instrumentation, GST collects field data from the unit. Once GST has tested the air preheat system, our proprietary programs create models of the unit that accurately represents how it was operating the day of testing. With an in-depth analysis of the unit, GST will identify any air preheater and associated component’s problems which compromise performance. GST provides recommendations that will improve the overall system.

For new heater applications, GST will determine if an air preheater would be beneficial to the unit while meeting all other heater specifications. GST’s proprietary program models new air preheat systems for heater optimization. GST looks at each system as a new opportunity to use advanced technologies to develop unique solutions that best fit the client’s needs while also following API 560 standards.

GST’s in-house CFD modeling capabilities also provides confirmation of equal air and flue gas flow distribution through the ductwork at the APH inlets and outlets for optimum APH system design.

Along with providing engineering solutions, recommendations, design, and field services, Great Southern Technologies offers the following value for APH systems:

  • Proven track record assisting clients with existing APH problems as well as selecting new equipment for AH systems.
  • Assist clients with APH specifications in order to meet plant regulatory requirements.
  • Through many years of experience in the industry, GST has developed a lot of experience in heater APH systems.
  • Diverse contact list and personal relation with vendors to meet Approved Manufactured Lists.
  • Supply material to fit the plant scheduled turnaround at cost-effective pricing.

If you are considering installing a new or improve an existing air preheat system, please contact Great Southern Technologies with your inquiry.