Heater Analysis

The ability to truly understand how custom design equipment performs can be only achieved through comprehensive heater studies that incorporate "real" operating characteristics identified through field testing. This service extends well beyond simply obtaining board data. A GST thorough field data gathering and analysis confidently identifies actual conditions of any manufacture's equipment which are carried to future performance predictions. Through countless heater evaluations, GST has developed proprietary software that allows the ability to incorporate state-of-the-art engineered solutions to all process heaters including black oil services such as Crude, Vacuum, Cokers, and Visbreakers.

  • Feasibility & Construction Planning
  • Coker Heater Modeling with Flux Mapping
  • On-Line Decoking
  • Performance Improvement Study
  • NOx Reduction Optimization Study
  • Mechanical Integrity Study
  • Plant Wide Efficiency Study
  • Plant Wide NOx Reduction Study
  • Specification Confirmation Survey