Emergency Response

Fired heaters can be considered the heart of a refinery or process plant. Therefore, if the unit is abruptly shutdown due to fire or internal explosion damage, every hour of operation lost is costly. These types of projects require orchestrating a number of different disciplines in a prompt manner and this can be difficult to coordinate. For instance, structural inspection, construction services, engineering and manufacturing are often necessary to adequately address this type of emergency project. GST is the only company that encompasses these disciplines under one roof; including having shop space readily available.

There are various types of Emergency Response Services that GST can provide.

  • Damage Inspection & Repair Scope Definition
    • All required disciplines will arrive on site no more than a day after notification.
  • Fabricated Tube Support Design & Replacement
    • Capable of providing replacement tube supports in 2-3 days.
  • Expedited Material Replacement and Delivery
    • Massive vendor network ensures the ability to locate stock material.
  • Immediate Mobilization of InServ Construction Services
    • Both Union and Non-Union Construction Services are available.
  • Complete Turnkey capability for damages exceeding the fired heater