Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR)

As the industry continues to move toward reducing emissions to meet regulatory requirements, Great Southern Technologies can supply plants with recommended modifications to existing SCR systems or supply new SCR systems that will provide the best solution to reduce emission levels.

Great Southern Technologies offers analysis services on SCR’s to provide cost-efficient solutions to reduce emissions to that of the client’s needs. GST has a proven record of analyzing a heaters performance, whether that be current or future conditions, and determining whether the existing SCR is suitable to meet those requirements. GST will collect field data on the SCR system using trusted and calibrated testing equipment around the entire unit and associated flue gas source. This onsite testing supplies GST the data to confirm actual performance. Using GST’s onsite collected data, boundary conditions are developed and afford the ability to apply these true parameters to modifying or replacing the existing system.

Along with providing engineering solutions, recommendations, design, and field services, Great Southern Technologies offers the following value for SCR systems:

  • Proven track record assisting clients with existing SCR problems as well as selecting new equipment for SCR systems.
  • Assist clients with SCR specifications in order to meet plant regulatory requirements.
  • Through many years of experience in the industry, GST has developed a lot of experience in heater SCR systems.
  • Diverse contact list and personal relation with vendors to meet Approved Manufactured Lists.
  • Supply material to fit the plant scheduled turnaround at cost-effective pricing.

If you are considering installing a new or improve an existing preheat SCR system, please contact Great Southern Technologies with your inquiry.