Steam Generation Systems

Great Southern Technologies has proven history of working with a variety of existing and new fired heaters that utilize available energy in the existing flue gases and convert to steam generation.

Great Southern Technologies uses industry leading technology along with field experience to optimize existing and new steam generation systems that are coupled with a direct fired heater and/or combustion equipment. What separates GST from other heater and auxiliary companies is that we rely on decades of hands-on experience with heaters and steam generation systems to analyze the current condition of the unit. GST services can include field testing with internally provided instrumentation to collect accurate pressures and temperatures in the unit. With those operating conditions captured, GST can optimize the unit’s performance based on actual characteristics.

Great Southern Technologies also has the capability to design new steam generators. Based on the conditions that are specified, GST uses their engineering expertise to design a steam generator that best fits the client’s needs. This can consist of only a single service system or a complete three stage generation unit. Because each plant maintains individual operating standards, GST uses innovative designs to best fit the plant’s requirements while still following both API 560 and ASME standards.

Along with providing engineering solutions, recommendations, design, and field services, Great Southern Technologies offers the following value for steam generator systems:

  • Proven track record assisting clients with existing Stem Generation problems as well as selecting new equipment for Steam Gen systems.
  • Assist clients with Steam Gen specifications in order to meet plant needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Through many years of experience in the industry, GST has developed a lot of experience in heater Steam Gen systems.
  • Diverse contact list and personal relation with vendors to meet Approved Manufactured Lists.
  • Supply material to fit the plant scheduled turnaround at cost-effective pricing.

If you are considering installing a new or improve an existing steam generator system, please contact Great Southern Technologies with your inquiry.