Non-API Direct Fired Heaters

Non-API direct fired heaters are primarily utilized by the upstream and mid-stream markets where fuel gas composition is relatively constant and requires minimal operator presence. These are different from their API560 counterparts in that non-API heaters coil design affords a greater amount of convective heater transfer in the radiant section. In addition, the forced air design allows the units to be compact, short stack, and require minimum provision to access different areas of the unit.

These Non-API units can be radiant only designed, or an additional convective section can be added to increase heater efficiency. They are also skid mounted for easy mobilization and equipped with a fully automated air and fuel control system.

The flexibility of these systems allow the ability for GST to offer three (3) standard sizes that cover design capacities from >1 to 28 MMBtu/hr absorbed duty. Furthermore, given our unique experience in the industry and expertise with fired heaters, GST can custom design a non-API heater to fit the project specific needs.