Each heater is unique and encompasses its own challenges when attempting to modify it to expand or enhance the unit’s performance. With GST Retrofit Services’ real-life/hands-on experience, we truly understand the challenges and potential benefits associated with revamping existing units. In addition, the collaboration of GST and a large vendor network, optimal planning and project development are executed to ensure the most cost-productive approach and minimal shutdown time can be achieved. The ability to handle a project to the highest level from design to execution is unmatched in the industry. The following is a brief listing of the types of projects:

  • Convection Section Replacement
  • Coil Replacement or Modification
  • Ultra Low NOx Burner Installation
  • New APH Installation Projects
  • Existing APH Replacement or Revamp
  • Custom Tube Support Design and Replacement
  • Damper Replacement
  • Expansion and/or Performance Improvement
  • Heater Skin Replacement
  • Emergency Response